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Yomei Gate

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Yomeimon Gate at Nikko, by nypl
New York Public Library
Toshogu Yomeimon, Japan, Nikko City, by nel-tu

Yomei Gate, ca. 1890 and 2008.

Delivering the Mail

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One of the great advantage of The Commons on Flickr is the ability to find photos on a theme that span across the various institutions. With that in mind, “Across the Commons” was born. What themes can be found? Here’s one I discovered after seeing a photo of a young child mailing a letter.

We write a letter to a friend, post it, and sometime later our friend receives it. How does it get from here to there?

Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution
From posting … … to delivery.

Let’s find out!


Christmas Slideshow

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A collection of Christmas images from across The Commons.