“Commons Recommendations” Greasemonkey Script

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gm-recommendClickykbd’s newest Greasemonkey Script, “Flickr Commons Recommendations“, adds a grid of “recommendations” to the right side of any photo you encounter in the Flickr Commons collection. The photos in the grid are Commons photos that have been recently favourited by people who like the photo you are currently viewing.

Usually these “recommendations” posses a similar quality, despite being from a variety of Commons institutions. So not only does this script help you stumble across many excellent photos you wouldn’t otherwise find, but it also tends to help identify threads that run across The Commons.

For example, Recommendations on a “cute” photo tend to identify other “cute” photos in the collections of other institutions. It is great to see these threads emerge while browsing around, getting lost in The Commons. The associations might be less discrete than those created by tags, but they are no less interesting.

Install Flickr Commons Recommendations

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