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Courtney Johnston, National Library of New Zealand, explains the joint uploads in the Commons today that honor Anzac Day:

Kia ora everyone

On 25 April New Zealanders and Australians mark Anzac Day, the anniversary of the 1915 landing of Allied troops at Gallipoli / Gelibolu Yarımadası in Turkey, and the beginning of the nine-month long Gallipoli Campaign.

This year, Australian and New Zealand members of The Commons are marking Anzac Day by making a joint upload of photos either taken in Gallipoli, or relating to Anzac Day celebrations. (Thanks to Ellen at State Library of New South Wales for sparking this idea off.)

First up is the National Library of New Zealand. Courtney points out two photos from this set that illustrate life in the trenches, ‘the interior of George Denniston’s dug-out‘ and ‘the interior of Captain Withers dug-out‘.

The photographs in this set depict the Auckland Battalion landing at Gallipoli, Turkey, during World War I, incredible wartime images in the moment of action.

National Library of New Zealand
Next up is the State Library of Queensland, Australia, with images of Gallipoli landing and Anzac Day celebrations throughout the years in Brisbane, Mackay, and on the Victoria Bridge.

Brenda Anderson notes of ‘Australian soldier in a dug-out at Gallipoli, Turkey‘,

Could just be a photo of an ordinary bloke outside until you notice the artillery that he’s handling.

State Library of Queensland, Australia
The State Library of New South Wales offers a series of poignant portraits of people killed in action on Anzac Day and crowd scenes of Anzac Day events.

Courtney says of ‘Australian Sisters on board Mooltan‘,

It’s great to see some servicewomen included here too, in this photo of Army sisters en route to the Third Australian General Hospital at Lemnos.

State Library of New South Wales
The Australian War Memorial offers images of the troops arriving at Anzac Beach.

Courtney and Brenda both picked ‘The first field dressing station of the 7th Battalion, AIF‘ to highlight from this set. Brenda says,

I’m starting to think that pipes were very popular!

Australian War Memorial

You can find out more about the Gallipoli Campaign & Anzac Day on the NZ History website. Visit each set above by clicking through the photos or try this tag search on Flickr for AnzacDay.

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