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Google sky experiment by Jim ODonnell

Google sky experiment by Jim O'Donnell

Google Sky mashup

Dr. Jim O’Donnell, Senior Web Developer at the National Maritime Museum, is cooking up new ideas for using Flickr photos with Google Earth and Sky. We’ve reported before on the Greenwich Observatory’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition and its related Flickr group, but did you know you could browse the photos using Jim’s Google Sky mashup? Jim explains how he built this application on his blog post, Mapping the sky with YQL and He has a related post here, Building a KML feed with YQL and coldfusion.

Using Google Earth and photo overlay

Using Google Earth and photo overlay

He’s also got more great ideas about geotagged photos from the Commons. Directing us to Frank Taylor’s article on Advanced Photo Placement in Google, Jim has started building KML files that you can use in Google Earth to view geotagged Commons photos. He also suggests that it works with the Google Earth plugin, which can be embedded in a web page, using this tutorial.

Here are some sample photo overlay files you can use with Google Earth that Jim created of the National Maritime Museum’s images:

And the Commons does have geotagged images! Don’t forget to use the Flickr Commons geotagged feed to see what’s newly uploaded that you can use with Google Earth. And let us know if you make any Flickr Commons–Google Earth photo overlays or mashups.

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