Algeria across the Commons

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Algeria: French, Arab, North Africa, Sahara, mosques, Notre Dame, Albert Camus — A photo essay using Commons images of Algeria and the words of Camus.

I don’t know whether this world has a meaning that transcends it. But I know that I cannot know that meaning and that it is impossible for me just now to know it.

Getty Research Institute

Knowing that certain nights whose sweetness lingers will keep returning to the earth and sea after we are gone, yes, this helps us to die.

Brooklyn Museum

Gazing up at the dark sky spangled with its signs and stars, for the first time, the first, I laid my heart open to the benign indifference of the universe.

Getty Research Institute

All systems of morality are based on the idea that an action has consequences that legitimize or cancel it. A mind imbued with the absurd merely judges that those consequences must be considered calmly.

Nationaal Archief

Outside of that single fatality of death, everything, joy or happiness, is liberty.

Library of Congress

The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

Brooklyn Museum

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