Happy Commonsversary, Brooklyn!

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Street scene, Istanbul, Turkey, 1903

Street scene, Istanbul, Turkey, 1903

On May 28, 2008, the Brooklyn Museum entered the Flickr Commons — so today we celebrate the Brooklyn’s Commonsversary with a round-up of articles showcasing the year’s highlights.

At the Brooklyn Museum’s blog …

Heard at Indicommons …

  • Interview: Shelley Bernstein, Chief of Technology, Brooklyn Museum — Our first interview was with Shelley at the Brooklyn Museum. It’s a gem of an interview, too, and pretty much launched Indicommons into public awareness (thank, Shel!).
  • Interview: Mary McKercher, of the Brooklyn Museum, on Egypt — Our interview with Dr. McKercher was a treat. As an expedition photographer and archaeologist, her insight into the work in general and the Brooklyn Museum in general is invaluable. She brings to life the Brooklyn’s Goodyear Archives with her knowledge and sheds light on the work the scientific work of the museum.
  • Tools: Batch Date Changer — At the request of the Brooklyn Museum, our developer David Wilkinson created our first tool to help Commons institutions manage their uploads.
  • Brooklyn Browser — The museum released its own public API so that any developer could access their extensive Collections database. And David Wilkinson wrote a nifty program with it: the Brooklyn Browser.
  • The Real Brooklyn (Museum) — A stirring personal tribute to the museum, by a fan and neighbor, Amy Dreher.
  • Slap It on the Scanner — a well-received article by Deborah Wythe, Head of Digital Collections and Services at the Brooklyn Museum, on the trials and tribulations archivists have when it comes to scanning.
  • And the Best of the Web are … — The outstanding work by the museum over the past year resulted in many commendations at this year’s Museum and the Web Conference.
  • A Thank-You from — and an Appeal for — the Brooklyn Museum — Exactly as the title says: after winning awards at the above conference, the museum was rocked by grim financial news. However, harnessing the social web, the support came pouring in. This is just one example of how institutions and their supporters can use social networking to increase practical support. Museums and archives and libraries, in the Commons and not, are all in financial need today, with potential serious consequences for their collections. If you can, offer support today, to an institution that means something to you.
  • Who’s on First? — A fun write-up on the softball exploits of the museum community … and one which highlights the Brooklyn’s witty web presence.

The first year of the Commons undoubtedly brought surprises, mirth, and new eyeballs to the museum’s collections. Here’s to another fine year!

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7 Responses to “Happy Commonsversary, Brooklyn!”

  1. Shelley Bernstein Says:

    Wow – it’s pretty crazy good to see all this on one page – It’s been a busy year! Thanks so much for working with us – we are happy to be here and looking forward to the next year!

  2. Deborah Wythe Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes! I was inspired to go looking for “anniversary” and “birthday” on Flickr and our website and offer this birthday party picture from the Brooklyn Museum collection:

    It’s a little languid for how I feel about this event, so here’s a better one from the Commons: .

    And just to underscore the wonderful serendipity of the Commons, here’s another one that struck a chord: . The Smithsonian mounted a series of amazing artist portraits from the 50th anniversary celebration of the 1913 Armory show. Robert Henri (pronounced Hen-rye, which always gives me a chuckle) is in our collection.

    Happy anniversary, everybody!

  3. dopiaza Says:

    A whole year already? Wow – time really does fly! Here’s to a second great year!

  4. Shelley Bernstein Says:

    Thanks again for those tools, Dave – used them again to release Pompeii!!

  5. Deborah Wythe Says:

    Sorry that my links didn’t show up in the post above. I reposted on our Flickr discussion group–Brooklyn Museum–Get to Know Us.

  6. Erin Sweeney Says:

    Yay! Happy two years to everyone involved! I play small part in getting the images online, but I’m overjoyed having the chance to help. I concur with Shelley and Deb’s gratitude–thanks!

  7. Deirdre Lawrence Says:

    The Flickr Commons has turned out to be an incredible tool to highlight images from libraries and archives. As a librarian, access is always high on my list and this tool
    is an excellent example of how we can share and learn from each other’s collections.

    The aggregation of images provides us all with a platform to envision lots of projects including virtual exhibitions drawn from our respective collections. A dream come true!

    Thank you all.

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