What you did for the Brooklyn Museum today

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About two weeks ago, the Brooklyn Museum posted a screencap of 12 set covers and asked Flickr members to vote on which they’d like to see added to the Commons to celebrate the museum’s 1st anniversary on the site:

Whats next for the Commons?

What's next for the Commons?

And we did. We voted on the image page, we voted on Twitter, we voted in the Twitter, we voted in the Flickr Commons group …

In fact, we voted so much that the Brooklyn released some sets early — first North African ruins, then Middle Eastern ruins

This morning the Brooklyn revealed its anniversary set: Pompeii: Places and Objects.

Still haven’t wished the Brooklyn a Happy Commonsversary? You still can! Comment, tag, or do something new today … with the old treasures of Pompeii.

House of Marcus Holionius

Marble fountain

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3 Responses to “What you did for the Brooklyn Museum today”

  1. Criz Says:

    I love Brooklyn! :-D

  2. Shelley Bernstein Says:

    We love you back!

  3. Pamela Lovis Says:

    Happy Commonservsary Brooklyn! Big Pompeii exhibition is opening in Melbourne late June and will be at Te Papa later this year – will let the peeps at Te Papa know about these fab photos.

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