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Carnival of the Commons: Owls, Apps, News & Stories

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The Long Now Foundation
Wayne Clough: Smithsonian Forever, August 17, 2009

The Smithsonian Institution’s brand-new Secretary, Wayne Clough, discusses the prospects of the 163-year-old largest museum and research complex in the world — including the long-term future of science and education.

Heard around The Commons on Flickr:

  • Flickr Commons: It was a year ago…, a summary of the National Media Museum’s first year in The Commons. “100,000s of views, 1000s of comments, and 100s of arguments over whether they were fake or real, spooky or not. “
  • The National Media Museum has podcasts! Check out their interview with the screenwriter and executive producer of ITV’s new adaptation of Wuthering Heights, held prior to a preview screening of the film.
  • 1stfans Twitter Art Feed Artist at the Brooklyn Museum for September 2009: Duke Riley.
  • They also release a nifty application, BklynMuse, a community-powered recommendation system for the objects that are on display there!
  • Read the Wall Street Journal’s take on “state-of-the-art museum tours”; they talk to Shelley Bernstein at the Brooklyn Museum. The New York Post weighs in, too.
  • artdaily praises the new exhibition at the Getty Museum, Drawings by Rembrandt and His Pupils: Telling the Difference.
  • The Chicago Tribune writes about the acquisition of lynching victim Emmett Till’s casket by the Smithsonian Institution.
  • The SI’s National Museum of American History launched a new exhibition earlier this year, On the Water: Stories from Maritime America. They also have a Flickr group for your images of maritime activities across the United States of America.
  • SI experiments with ShareTabs, a quick way to share links.
  • That Picture Looks Great On You: Marvin Heiferman, Smithsonian Photography Initiative, talks about the new ubiquity of photography.
  • Photos, Guns, Africa, Stanley, & Kalulu, Catherine Shteynberg, Smithsonian Photography Initiative — a story straight out of The Commons.
  • Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo bamboobamboobamboobam.
  • Reading War and Peace, some advice on reading this classic literature, on the New York Public Library’s blog.
  • The Library of Congress announces their September film series.
  • Powerhouse Museum announces their Common Ground meetup in October!
  • The U.S. National Park Service celebrated their birthday on August 25th. If you couldn’t get to a park this weekend, enjoy Yosemite — it’s in The Commons!
  • The State Library of Queensland, Australia, hosted Commandant Henry Miller’s descendant, Quentin Miller, at Redcliffe, which was the first European settlement in Queensland, established as the Moreton Bay Penal Colony in September 1824.
  • The butcher and the grocer: A Western Front story, by the Australian War Memorial.
  • Oregon State University Archives reports on the 6-month closure of the The Southern Oregon Historical Society. :””(
  • They also post a nifty history of Mazamas, a climbing club in Portland, Oregon.
  • And! They announce their digitized book, Oregon, a story of progress and development, together with an account of the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition to be held in Portland, Oregon, from June first to October fifteenth, nineteen hundred and five, available on ScholarsArchive. Dang, Tiah, that’s a mouthful!

Monday Morning Mayhem!


Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Burrowing Owl Babies, August 28, 2009
Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo

The Smithsonian asked last week if the tweeples following them on Twitter could identify these newborns. They did!

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo welcomed two burrowing owl chicks Aug. 2—the first hatching of this species at the Zoo in 30 years. The chicks’ parents, a 5-year-old male and 4-year-old female, have been at the Zoo since June 2006.

The last time burrowing owls successfully bred at the National Zoo was in the late 1970s. A recent population-management plan recommended breeding the Zoo’s current adult pair. The chicks are with their parents in the Zoo’s Bird House. Currently, there is semi-transparent filter paper covering their exhibit, providing the chicks with privacy. As they become more comfortable with their new surroundings, the paper will slowly be removed.

Mildred Jewett, “Madaket Millie”

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creator: unknown
Mildred Jewett, “Madaket Millie”, creation date: unknown
Nantucket Historical Association: F6488

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Happy Commonsversary, National Media Museum!

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Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of the National Media Museum’s induction into the Flickr Commons! The National Media Museum is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. It is “devoted to film, photography, television, radio and the web.”

The National Photography Collection held at the Museum is one of the finest and most extensive anywhere in the world. It encompasses many significant groups of material, including the Science Museum’s Photography Collection, The Royal Photographic Society Collection, the holdings of the former Kodak Museum and the picture library of the former Daily Herald newspaper.

Their most popular set on Flickr contains spirit photographs by William Hope. Hope was a medium who founded a group comprised of six spirit photographers known as the “Crewe Circle.” Three people with two spirits
The spirit photographs
of William Hope
When Hope was exposed as a fraudster, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle remained a loyal supporter of his. Man with the spirit of his deceased second wife
The spirit photographs
of William Hope
Another popular set contains charming circular Kodak snapsnots from the late 1800s. The introduction of the Kodak camera revolutionized photography by virtue of how easy it suddenly became to capture memories. Hansom cab
Kodak No.1 Circular Snapshot
A unique set of 20 photogravures from Peter Henry Emerson, again late 1800s, illustrates the rich historical archives that the NMeM shares through its Flickr photostream. The Faggot Cutters
Peter Henry Emerson – Images from
‘Pictures From Life in Field and Fen’
Another beautiful photograph from this set demonstrates the power of the Commons; a commenter was able to supply location data for this image. 'Crusoe's Island, River Granta'
Peter Henry Emerson – Images from
‘Pictures From Life in Field and Fen’
Another favorite set includes images from Charles Darwin’s The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, a book we covered in detail earlier on this blog. Front cover from
Human Expressions
Last, a fun set they were inspired to create from an exhibit they held on anthromorphology!

The National Media Museum: diverse, humorous, and engaging.


Dog Riding a Tricycle
Snapping Dogs

27 Commons institutions, 1 global meetup

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Today in the Flickr Commons group, the Powerhouse Museum’s Paula Bray announced Common Ground, an international celebration of the Commons to be held at Commons institutions, October 2-3, with a slideshow of Commons photos selected by you and me, the Commons community.

What is Common Ground?

Paula says:

Common Ground is a global meet up celebrating the Commons on Flickr to be held by as many of the institutions in the Commons. This will consist of a projection onto the participating institutions building at night (or suitable day-time location) using a slideshow of content from the Commons on Flickr accounts that is curated by you, our community. This will be hosted on the weekend of 2nd – 3rd October across the globe (albeit time-differences). Making the Flickr Commons go live through a connected slideshow. You will get to meet the staff behind the Commons and we will get to know you.

So book that date – October 2-3, 2009 – and keep your eyes on this topic for announcements from Commons institutions that will be hosting Common Ground gatherings.

Curate this

Want to make sure you’ll see some of your favourites at Common Ground? Vote!

Paula explains how you can help select the 20-25 images from each Commons collection that will be in the slideshow:

1-Sign on using your flickr credentials and go to a random Commons partner.
2-Click on an image to vote, or the icon in the lower-left to open via flickr.
3-The page will load with the next partner. Repeat Step 2!

Voting closed September 9.

See you – and what you love in the Commons – there!

Recent Uploads to the Flickr Commons

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The Library of Congress presents … the Cardiff Giant! Oh great fun, as are the comments accumulating on this image. See this and 50 more Bain News Service photos from the LOC this week. Cardiff Giant
News in the 1910s
Yoo hoo! Get your beach wear on! The State Library of Queensland, Australia, beings us some great beach scenes, some by photographer Harry Poulsen. Cherry Walker modelling swimsuits at Surfers Paradise, 1951
Bathing beauties
A group of people at a drink table in Lysekil park. Is it Calla Curman, wife of Carl Curman, to the left? Help the Swedish National Heritage Board identify these people. Group of people in Lysekil park, Sweden
Carl Curman – Sweden
Take a trip with Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian to a Portuguese castle. Castelo de Almourol, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal
Castelo de Almourol
View more of the wacky antics from Florida’s motion picture industry of yore, thanks to the State Archives and Library of Florida. Motion picture scene (1916)
Vim Comedy Company: Jacksonville, Florida
Oregon State University Archives asks,

who can ignore the brilliance of Crater Lake?

Indeed, a sublime set.

Pinnacles of Phantom Ship
Crater Lake
And the Smithsonian spiffies things up with more historic lighting fixtures. Bracket, Rockefeller Center, New York City
E. F. Caldwell & Co. Collection

Carnival of the Commons

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Archival footage brought to you by the Walt Disney Imagineers. Hat tip to the Getty Museum for this great web find. I got sucked into watching the whole series just now of time-lapse photography of the building of Disneyland in Southern California, circa the 1950s.

Heard around the Commons:

Bird on post

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Bird on post

Finley, William Lovell (1876-1953); Bohlman, Herman T.
Bird on post, 1900-1909
Oregon State University Archives: mss-finley

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Recent Uploads to the Flickr Commons

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The first trade treaty between the Netherlands and Japan was signed 400 years this August. The National Archief celebrates with a set of images from their archives of Japan. Straat vegen tijdens noodweer / Sweeping the street in heavy weather
The laughter continues as the State Library and Archives of Florida adds to its collection. Bobby Burns and Walter Stull: Motion picture scene
Vim Comedy Company: Jacksonville, Florida
Yay! New stereographs from the National Library of New Zealand! These are so much fun. Lydia Williams and dog Pogs, alongside her cottage at Carlyle Street, Napier, ca 1890
The State Library of Queensland, Australia, shows you the dangers of flooding with their latest batch. Group of men standing on the flooded railway bridge over the Burdekin River, 1917
Visit a timeless pick of the week by the State Library of Queensland, Australia. Passengers on the Jundah Mail Transport by Cobb & Co., Longreach, Queensland, ca. 1920
Picture of the Week
See architectural gems of Lisbon, from the Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisboa, Portugal
[set name goes here]
Pomp and circumstance galore in the 50 most recent uploads from the Library of Congress. Sultan of Turkey
News in the 1910s
Explore Sweden of yesteryear with new Carl Curman uploads from the Swedish National Heritage Board. Pålsundet, Stockholm, Sweden
Carl Curman – Sweden
Not quite in the Commons, but uploaded from a Commons institution, check out the Powerhouse Museum’s visitor labels exhibit. Visitor written label

Carnival of the Commons

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Your weekly recap of happenings around the Flickr Commons.

Map of 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition
View of Sacajawea statue
The Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition
Oregon State University Archives

Let’s start the week off with a challenge! The Oregon State University Archives just added a map to their 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition set on Flickr. Anyone feel game to create a mash-up similar to what we did with the Chicago Expo? Read more about the finding of this map at OSU Archives’ blog.

  • The Museum Computer Network 2009 conference is being held November 11-14 in Portland, OR. OSU Archives will present its case study of the Flickr Commons!
  • Speaking of Portland, anyone know anything about some of the rose gardens there? OSU wants your help!
  • Some clarifications on our experience with ‘free’ content – Seb Chan at the Powerhouse Museum responds to a question about their experience with the Flickr Commons.
  • Be sure to catch his presentation schedule, too. Lots coming up.
  • The 2009 National Digital Forum conference will be held November 23-24 at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Courtney Johnson at the National Library of New Zealand has information on subsidies for small organizations.
  • Stacking the Tech: The Library of Congress Talks Digital Initiatives with the folks at Library Journal.
  • Catch this write-up, by L’Archivista of the Building, Managing and Participating in Online Communities session at the Society of American Archivists 2009 conference.
  • The American Historical Association provides a Take Two of Snapshots of the Past: The Commons on Flickr, an overview of the institutions that have joined the Commons since their first article.
  • Picturing Rochester: Got photos of Rochester, New York? George Eastman House wants ‘em!
  • The Powerhouse Museum has labels! And they want your visitor labels for their Odditoreum!
  • The National Library of Wales has new podcasts up! Great stories of the library from folks that used to work there.
  • Astrobiology: Life in Space, a webcast from the Library of Congress of Daniel P. Glavin, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, who says the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our solar system is not limited to Mars.
  • You’ll like the preview of the D.C. Public Library’s new website!
  • Read about the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Peel Island lazaret, from the State Library of Queensland, Australia.
  • Not sure where to find the Smithsonian on the internet? Here’s a guide.
  • The SI and the Chandra X-ray makes news about research on the birth of stars.
  • Harewood House and some historic photographs of Yorkshire – a fun field trip with the National Media Museum!
  • ARRRRRRRR! The Field Museum wants you to dress like a pirate!
Breakfast of Champions

The Brooklyn Museum Crew

Twitter was all up in arms last weeks with #dukeriley. Here’s the Brooklyn Museum’s battleship. The New York Times and WNYC explain.

Addie Billie: Ochopee, Florida

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Addie Billie: Ochopee, Florida

Personal Author: Nancy Michael, Collector
[Addie Billie: Ochopee, Florida], January 1989
State Library and Archives of Florida: fs89408

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