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Developer Aaron Straup Cope (he works at Flickr) recently released his impressive geotagging-suggestion Flickr application, Suggestify into the wild. Using this, Flickr users can suggest likely geotags for other Flickr users, including the institutions in The Commons. Aaron says,

This is a site to allow you to geotag other people’s photos on Flickr by suggesting a location to the photo’s owner. Likewise, someone else can offer you suggestions of where your un-geotagged photos were taken.

That location information is stored here until the photo’s owner approves (or rejects) the suggestion. If approved, the photo is geotagged on Flickr (using the Flickr API) and the suggestor is credited by adding a special tag to the photo.

The site is still very much in the alpha-beta-disco-disco-danceball-revolution stage. It works but if something sometimes doesn’t work, I’m not surprised. Now that the basic functionality is in place, I’m slowly going through looking for edge cases and gotchas. Please be sure to take a look at the list of known-knowns

So, anyway, I took it for a little spin up to Oregon. When entering a Flickr user or Commons’ institution name, be sure to enter it exactly as their screen name appears on Flickr. Select the photos you’d like to geotag, enter the place name on the map, and click the buttons to go go go!

Selecting the Flickr user or Commons institution

Selecting the Flickr user or Commons institution
Click buttons!

Click buttons!

We’d enjoy seeing what you end up geo-tagging in The Commons. And, yo, Commons’ institutions – why not sign-up for the service and see what users end up suggesting for your digital photographic collection?

Visit Aaron’s blog for a more in-depth look.


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  1. striatic Says:

    unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in chromium or safari 4, as the user’s photo ribbon doesn’t appear, but it sure looks like it would be useful otherwise.

    excellent use of openstreetmap too.

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