New to The Commons: Jewish Women’s Archive

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A hearty welcome to the Jewish Women’s Archive! They join the Commons on Flickr with 3 fabulous sets depicting the history of American Jewish women in service, in World War II and in the greater Hartford, Connecticut community.

The most unique thing about the Jewish Women’s Archive is that they are a virtual archive!

The Jewish Women’s Archive is not a physical repository. Instead, we use our website ( to provide access to a wide variety of resources, including many primary sources, which tell the stories of Jewish women in North America.

Now they can also harness the power of the Flickr Commons to provide such access. Hoorah!

Helga Rome's Passport

Helga Rome’s Passport
Jewish Women’s Archive

After Kristallnacht, my grandmother went to Brazil and then we sponsored her to come here. It was difficult at the beginning for me. School was difficult, language was hard. But we graduated at 16. My father had problems with the language. My grandmother was more educated then any of us. She went to boarding school – fluent in English and French.

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  1. Stephanie Fysh Says:

    What an exciting addition to the Commons!

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