Augmented Reality Commons on your iPhone/Android!

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Those crafty developers down under at the Powerhouse Museum worked with an Augemented Reality developer to release free applications for the iPhone and Android to display their geotagged images. Seb Chan explains the iPhone application in Augmented reality update – using Powerhouse geocoded photographs on your iPhone 3GS with BuildAR and Layar.

[edited to add:] See also Seb’s article Augmented reality and the Powerhouse images in the Commons (or interesting things clever people do with your data #7215).

For now, it only works if you’re in Australia, but perhaps it will be coming soon if other Commons institutions adopt the technology (hint hint).

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3 Responses to “Augmented Reality Commons on your iPhone/Android!”

  1. striatic Says:

    i wish seattle municipal archives one day will have something like this.

  2. clickykbd Says:

    I nominate this post be mentioned on the “tools” page too, even though it’s not commons wide yet… might inspire further development.

  3. striatic Says:

    i don’t think you have to nominate it, i think you can just go ahead and put it there ; ]

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