Happy Commonsversary to the Nationaal Archief!

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Today we are celebrating the first anniversary of the Nationaal Archief on The Commons at Flickr. The Nationaal Archief, located in The Hague, has the largest public archive in the Netherlands. Almost 1000 years of Dutch history are stored there.

This photograph is from the “Strandleven / Seaside life” set, which is the most popular set of this institution.

The translated title of this particular shot is “Swallow Dive”

From the “Tour de France” set is this photograph of the “famous Tour winner Lucien Petit-Breton”
Tourwinnaar Lucien Petit-Breton
This photograph is from the popular set called, “Tweede Wereldoorlog, 1941” (Second World War, 1941)

The photo shows “Wounded and invalids. German wounded return their empty coffee cups to Red Cross nurses just prior to departure. Location unknown. 1941.“

Lege kopjes voor Rode Kruis-medewerksters
The following photograph is from the set called, “Olympische Spelen 1928” (Olympic Games 1928).

The caption reads, “Sport. Olympic Games 1928 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fencing. Gentlemen, saber. Two Dutch fencers and their coach.”

Olympische Spelen 1928 Amsterdam
This photograph is from the “Kerst” or “Christmas” set. Its title in English is “Father and child with Christmas Tree”
Vader en kind met kerstboom


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  1. Yvette Hoitink (Nationaal Archief) Says:

    Thank you! We have created a set to celebrate our Commonsversary with our most popular photos of the first year.

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