The Flickr Foundation: George Oates on Conservation of “The Whole Thing”

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Recent layoffs at Yahoo! — similar to those that prompted the forming of the Flickr Commons group (and then of this blog) — combined with a flurry of news around the sunsetting or sell-off by Yahoo! of its social bookmarking property Delicious, have prompted a secondary flurry of speculation around the future of Flickr (see, for example, recent articles from the Guardian).

Among the flurry, and of special interest to fans of the Commons, are some thoughts by George Oates about the value of not only the images on Flickr but everything around them, and about the importance of preserving the context of archives for the future. Read George’s 2008 dream and her current thoughts about it on her blog.

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  1. Peggy Whyte Says:

    Arrrrgh, Flickr is my all time favorite social networking site. Gotta save it.

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