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Who we are …

Anna Graf founded the group Flickr Commons in December 2008 as a place for the Commons community to come together. When not out taking photos, she manages anything from theater productions to garden centers. She’d love you to contribute and share things in the Flickr Commons group. You can visit her Flickr account here or email

Stephanie Fysh is blog editor for Indicommons. When not on Indicommons, she’s a freelance book editor, publishing educator, and fine art photographer. You can find her on Flickr, on Twitter, and on her own blog, Luthien Rising. Or email her:

David Wilkinson heads up the development team at, managing the technical aspects of the website and developing a variety of software tools to help promote The Commons and its content. By day, he is an independent software developer and IT consultant, specializing in Internet technologies. You can usually find him either on Flickr or on his ever unfinished website, or you can contact him at

Criz Stoddard managed the collection subcurations for Indicommons before joining Flickr’s staff and continues to provide a lot of support. She is political activist, is passionate about history and philosophy, and enjoys photography. Her Flickr photostream is here; she can be followed on Plurk here.

Bryan Partington designed A web designer, he lives in Seattle, Washington, with one adorable wife and one extremely nasty cat. On Flickr he is known as striatic.

Brenda Anderson is a contributing subcurator here at Indicommons, scouring The Commons for interesting themes to share. When not on Indicommons, she is a community liaison for Picnik. Her Flickr and Plurk accounts are updated regularly.

Jayel Aheram is a contributing blogger on Indicommons. He is spreading awareness about The Commons project on Flickr.

Ryan Gallagher likes glass plate kittens, aged sunsets, and historically accurate babies.

Penny L. Richards is a Research Scholar at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women, current president of the Disability History Association, and co-chair of South Bay Hands on Art, an art education program that reaches about 8000 students in 18 schools. She shamelessly mines the Commons for pictures to use in collage projects and blog posts, but along the way she tags and comments a lot too.

Ryan Donahue is a cultural heritage technologist for George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. His primary responsibilities at George Eastman House consist of Digital Asset Management and managing the institution’s web presence. In his spare time, Ryan helps out with various technical things about, and also assists interfacing with additional Commons partner organizations. He likes PHP, WordPress, and machine tags. His official website is here, but it is in a constant state of disarray. More information about George Eastman House can be found here.