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Happy Commonsversary to the LSE Library!

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Library Appeal, 1973

Library Appeal, 1973

The Library of the London School of Economics was founded in 1896; it joined the Flickr Commons a year ago this week, and brought some amazing images from the history of the school, with subjects ranging from sports to scholars, from suffrage to royalty to computers.

Student Union Joint Secretary P. Bradford, 1935-1936

St. Clements Press Building Interior c1959

The photostream’s sets are nicely organized by decade and department, and there are many staff portraits, covering everyone from professors to typists.

The Typing Room, 1956

The Typing Room, 1956

One set, “Lord Beveridge,” features sixty-four images of the same man, from boyhood to old age–surely one of the largest sets devoted to one face in all of the Commons.

William Beveridge, 1909

William Beveridge, 1909

And don’t miss the sets of political graphics!

Dissolution Cup: the Government Hare Doubles Again

Dissolution Cup: the Government Hare Doubles Again

Happy Commonsversary to the Jewish Women’s Archive

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We are celebrating the first anniversary of the Jewish Women’s Archive in the Flickr Commons.

The Jewish Women’s Archive is dedicated to uncovering, chronicling, and transmitting to a broad public the rich history of American Jewish women.

The Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) uses technology for the purpose of collecting and sharing Jewish women’s stories. Its website,, offers free access to a large number of resources on American Jewish women, “past and present, celebrated and unknown.”

The JWA states:
“Images of American Jewish Women and World War II: The stories and documents of American Jews who lived through World War II, as well as the materials they saved from the war years, are in danger of being lost forever.”

The JWA’s photostream consists of three sets.

The “In Service” set is comprised of photographs of Jewish American Women in service during WWII. Here is one photograph in this set, “Doing laundry in a helmet.”

Muriel Engelman’s service friend, Jan Shimp doing laundry in a steel helmet in a Normandy Cow Pasture. Note the laundry hanging out to dry on the tent ropes.

Doing laundry in a helmet

Doing laundry in a helmet

A second set is called “Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford.”

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to collecting and preserving historical documents, photographs and memorabilia of the Jewish community of Greater Hartford. Established in 1971, the Society’s main commitment is to reach the largest audience possible through publications, exhibitions, seminars and educational programs.

This photograph below is of Libby Adler and Ann Mitnick Greenspan.

“Julian knew Ann’s husband Bernard Greenspan from Hartford. We became good friends in Harvard. There was a third couple from New York. We were all close friends. At night we played cards and went to the movies. There was a PX we could shop at.” ~Libby Adler

Libby Adler and Ann Mitnick Greenspan

Libby Adler and Ann Mitnick Greenspan

The JWA’s third set is “Jewish American Women and World War II.”
The photograph below is of Helga Allweiss.

Picture taken just before she left Germany, after Kristallnacht.

Helga Allweiss

Helga Allweiss

The Jewish Women’s Archive is collecting oral histories, letters, photographs, and other objects that document the experiences of Jewish American women during the Second World War.

The JWA suggests that you too can ”conduct an interview and collect photographs, letters, and other related documents. Share a story, photo, scanned document, audio or video recording, interview transcript, letter, or other object.”

Additionally, “JWA will continue to add images to American Jewish Women and World War II” and states further that “if you would like to contribute to the collection, please go to our website for instructions.”

Thank you, JWA, for making Flickr’s Commons a part of how you gather and share Jewish women’s past!

Happy Commonsversary, LlGC ~ NLW / Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales !

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A year ago today, the National Library of Wales joined Flickr Commons, and they’ve had a fine first year of uploads. And with over 800,000 photographs in their collections, ranging back to the very beginnings of photography itself, we can surely look forward to more wonders from Aberystwyth. But for today, Da iawn a llongyfarchiadau ! (Well done and congratulations!)

Elinor Amy Dillwyn Llewelyn, 1853 girl holding doll
Bardd Trefowen, Llanfair (Caereinion?)–obviously a highly-decorated bard a bearded man, with many ribbons and awards pinned to his jacket
The Orangery, Margam, 1850s outdoor scene, tree dominates
Conwy Castle and Bridge castle and bridge
And the laughing Newtown Ladies’ Bowling Team, 1939 group of women laughing

Happy Commonsversary to the Field Museum!

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Today Indicommons celebrates the Field Museum’s first — and full — year in the Flickr Commons. The Field Museum began in the Commons with a focus on the museum itself, then enlarged that to a focus on the city of Chicago, and then moved farther out to focus on museum research expeditions — creating an exciting collection for historians of anthropology and of museums themselves.

Beginning with the Museum …

The Field Museum’s sets focusing on the museum from 1894 to 1922 — The Field Columbian Museum, The early museum, and Moving the Field Museum in 1920 — are all historically interesting. The first set in particular invites the question, what were museums once like compared with the museums we know today? how much as changed, and how much hasn’t?
American Elk, turtle, alligator
Among the Field Museum’s Chicago-focused sets, the 303-image set on the 1892 World’s Columbian Exposition has prompted some of the most exciting user activity. Here on Indicommons, we’ve published Penny’s “Craft Cabin” cards based on the Exposition’s ferris wheel. And, along with other Columbian Exposition photographs from other Commons institutions, we surveyed the Exposition. If you missed it back then, you might want to check it out again, for the links to a reconstructed panorama, a Google Earth map, and a browser plug-in map!
Along the Plaisance
(Not an Expo fan? Maybe you prefer Flower Children!)
Girl in flower costume

The Field Museum’s Commons Expeditions have taken us to Argentina, Panama, Africa, Guyana, Peru, Central America and Mexico in search of more knowledge of rocks, plans, animals, and the people encountered on the way. These underexplored (by Commons standards) collections are truly remarkable. Here’s just a small sampling of what is to be discovered among them:

Honey storage inside tree trunk (British East Africa, 1906)

Woman with fruit specimen (British Guiana, 1922)

Vendor of sweets in San Juan (Puerto Rico, 1899)

Man in field with a wooden device (Peru, 1923)

Rudolf Stahlecker at Pronothrotherium prospect (Argentina, 1926)

Two-toed anteater balanced on a stick (Panama, 1928)

Happy first anniversary in the Commons to the Field Museum and its staff!