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Personal Connections: A Childhood Home

Posted by Stephanie Fysh in Personal Connections
Wyembar in Cambell Street, Toowoomba, ca. 1905

Wyembar in Cambell Street, Toowoomba, ca. 1905

rudegar22 writes:

I grew up in this house! From when I was a baby in 1977 to about 5 years ago. It’s one of the most beautiful houses in all Toowoomba …

Thanks to Pixel Wrangler for noticing this one, and bringing it to the Flickr Commons group’s Personal Connections thread!

Happy Commonsversary to the Nantucket Historical Association

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The NHA’s has been a quiet presence in the Commons, but its photographs of Nantucket’s sites and people are still being found by the people closest to them, and we celebrate those today:

“This is my relative. She also went by the name of Flossie. She was Chappaquiddick Wampanoag …” –wealthywamp Almira West Williams
Almira West Williams
“This is my husband’s Grandmother … She passed away when my husband was young …” –sewcrazzed Arline Wilma Preston
Arline Wilma Preston
“I lived in the apartment just upstairs… just above where she is pointing …” –nippyfish Mitchell's Book Corner
Mitchell’s Book Corner
“My brother and I worked behind the soda counter for many summers …” –natkg Congdon's Pharmacy, c. 1910s
Congdon’s Pharmacy, c. 1910s

Happy anniversary, Nantucket! And if you, reading this, or yours are from Nantucket or passed through, take a moment to find your history in the Commons!

Personal Connections: J.B. Joel

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After a lot of discussion had already taken place speculating on the identity of the man in this portrait in the Library of Congress’s Bain Collection, the first cousin (3x removed) of J.B. Joel posted a family history:

J.B. Joel

J.B. Joel, [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]

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