ONSEGO GED Prep Course-Review

When it comes to online prep courses for the GED exam, Onsego’s course is absolutely my winner! It’s efficient, entertaining, well-structured, self-paced, and, what’s also important, very affordable!

Perhaps Onsego is not as known as some heavyweight GED® prep courses, but the course offers you highly effective video lessons and numerous practice tests and includes some amazing test-taking strategy courses as well.

Onsego’s format is very entertaining and flexible, which makes it a perfect solution for lots of students. As I said earlier, what’s also important is that this Onsego GED Course is actually one of the lowest-priced GED prep course programs on the market.

Which Students May Benefit From the Onsego GED Course?

The Onsego course is given entirely online. This makes it unsuitable for students that have no self-discipline. They should sign up for a prep program under the guidance of an instructor at a physical brick-and-mortar school.

The Onsego GED prep course is an optimal solution, though, for students that are self-motivated and know what it takes to study independently. If this type of student is looking for an entertaining, comprehensive, and accredited online GED preparation course, the Onsego course is their ticket!

This course offers so much flexibility that getting all set for the four GED exams will be a breeze and the good thing is, it comes at a very reasonable price.

What’s In The Onsego GED Prep Course

Many traditional GED prep courses require students to follow their programs at a linear, predetermined instruction sequence.

Well, that’s not the case with the Onsego GED course. Students have access to the entire course material right from the start.

They are free to browse through all the lessons, practice tests, and quizzes and determine for themselves what GED subjects they want to learn or review and in which order.

They can decide for themselves what will suit their needs and preferences best but keep in mind, this requires some hefty self-discipline. Without that, chances are that attending a physical class under the guidance of a teacher might be a better option for them.

So students who prefer seeing a teacher in class who guides them through the GED study material may be better off if they choose a different option than signing up for an online course.

But for most GED students, this self-guided approach to learning for the GED test and getting to know some interesting test-taking strategies is absolutely beneficial and highly recommendable.

How Is The Study Material Presented?

Many expensive GED courses show teachers on-screen. This is not the case with the Onsego course, which is more like a slideshow presentation that includes audio voiceover and transcripts as well.

To be honest, I really prefer this method of presentation. What’s the use of looking and listening at some talking head? I just want a clear explanation of the material at hand, and that’s exactly what the Onsego course does! No-nonsense!

The quality of the videos, however, could be improved slightly, but on the other hand, the quality of the instruction is really superb, and I don’t have the impression that the video quality is much of a downside because the instructional quality and efficacy are so fantastic and the price so nice.

The Pros

Onsego’s GED Prep Course comes with transcripts for all lessons, so you can re-read the texts over and over again if you want.

The lessons are to the point and presented in bite-sized videos and practice tests. The lessons cover all topics and fundamental concepts that you may encounter when sitting for the four GED sub-exams.

GED Testing Service recognizes the Onsego GED Prep Course as being totally in line with all subject matter the current GED exam covers.

The course offers more than 2000 practice questions that resemble what’s on the real test. This will further boost your confidence and help you tackle multiple GED problems and test questions.

When learning for GED Math, Onsego really offers some exceptional help. The course not only helps you to deal with traditional Math problems, but it also teaches you to solve Math problems while using the GED Calculator! This feature is unique. No other GED Prep Course provider is offering anything similar!

The course additionally includes instruction in some very useful test-taking strategies to enhance your scores. GED College-Ready scores will get you into numerous colleges without having to submit ACT or SAT scores or the requirement to pass a college entrance exam.

What’s more, there’s also a “Quitting Protection” tool included. This top-notch feature will definitely prove to be a great help to stay on track and not give in to negative sentiments.

The Cons

For some students, the fact that there are no classes may be disappointing. Perhaps, they should add that to this self-paced online course.

Another disappointing aspect is that, although it works well on all sorts of mobile devices, the course doesn’t have a dedicated app. For some students, this may be a disappointment as well.

So you can use the Onsego GED course directly on any mobile device, but there’s no app. I’m using the course all the time on my phone. I simply log on to the course through my browser and bookmark the page to my device’s home screen.

Onsego does not offer a free trial. Then again, there’s a 7-day-no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee. So, you’ll have unlimited access to the course for seven days, and if you think this is not for you, for whatever reason, they’ll return your money.


The Onsego online GED GED Prep Course is a very efficient, entertaining, and affordable option for students looking to secure their GED credentials. The program is accredited by GED Testing Service and is among the most accessible courses on the market.

Students that understand what it takes to study independently can benefit from this premium course that comes as one of the most affordable on the market. Highly recommended, and they really helped me get my GED fast.