Stop Complaining about your Job!

I have spent the bulk of the last six months on a constant job hunt now college is coming to an end. I love my studies, I love my part-time career, and I love what I do for a living, I have had plenty of interviews but haven’t had just the perfect opportunity come along yet. It’s a tiring, exhausting, and mentally draining process.

Between the emotional stress of completing college, job hunting, and the financial strain of managing my family on one income instead of two, well let’s just say I’ve had better times in my life!

There is nothing that is worse than the prospect of being unemployed after college and job hunting, and listening to people around you complain about how much they hate their jobs! Between Facebook and well-meaning friends who call, it seems a day can’t go by without me listening to someone tell me how lucky I am to not be working because their job is driving them crazy!

I am not lucky to not be working full-time yet. Frankly, what I am, is broke, despite my job on the side. I would love to have a job, almost any job at this point now college is practically over.

What I do not want is to listen to anyone complain about their co-workers, their bosses, their long work hours, that they still need to get their GED, or how they think they’re going to start looking for something else because their job is just so bad they can’t stand it.

I assure you, no matter how bad your job may seem on an average day, being unemployed is far, far worse! You may be underpaid. But at least you are paid! You may be overworked, but at least you are working!

You may have dreams you’re putting on the back burner because at the moment bringing home a paycheck takes priority, but guess what, so does your unemployed neighbor and they’re not able to bring home that paycheck right now. Well, anyway all you first-time moms that have a job and need so healthy extra sleep, you guys better read this post,

According to the U.S. Government, there are 10.5 Million Americans who are unemployed right now, though that number is coming down rapidly. There are still 10.5 Million people who would love to be able to complain about having to get up and go to work in the morning.

The times when I’ve been looking for a job have been the most stressful, depressing, and exhausting times in my life. Whenever I feel the urge to complain about my job I always remember those times and stop myself. The longest I went was three months and I would have taken ANYTHING! I ended up signing up with a temp agency which was a serious saving grace. I am rooting for you!

We just never fully know how a situation feels until we experience it ourselves, and hence often say the wrong thing. I’m sure those complaining are trying to make you feel better, but as you point out, it just doesn’t. Unemployment (and other significant life situations, e.g. severe illness, death, divorce) can be very isolating – you are in a crisis while the rest of the world carries on as if nothing is wrong.

I think this is why we find such comfort from groups & organizations where we can be with people in similar circumstances. Read also these seven survival tips for single moms. Really worth taking note of! Thanks for sharing from the heart, and may we all hear and digest the message!