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Whales across the Commons

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This one’s for you, Shelley!

The Nancy Grey with a whale, Norway. [Whaling scenes at Skaaro. The
Library of Congress
A whale in Sydney Harbour. Whale, Sydney Harbour, 1930's / Sam Hood
State Library of New South Wales
Model of a whale. Louisiana Purchase Exposition - SI Exhibit
Smithsonian Institution
Posing on whale bones. Posing on whale bones: Saint George Island, Florida
State Library and Archives of Florida
Stranded blackfish whales. Stranded blackfish whales underneath Te Aro reclamation trestling at the foot of Taranaki Street, Wellington, between 1882-1883
National Library of New Zealand
Whaling / Walvisvaart Whaling / Walvisvaart
Nationaal Archief
A sperm whale jawbone. Captain George A.Grant
Nantucket Historical Association
A large whale skeleton. West Court with large whale skeleton
Field Museum
Whale-back at pier. World's Columbian Exposition: Whale-back, Chicago, United States, 1893.
Brooklyn Museum

Recent Uploads to the Commons – Autumn 2009, round 2

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New this autumn (spring in the south of the world) from the National Maritime Museum: Many images of individual ships, and some as well of Naval College staff and of buildings in the area of London ports, with a scattering of other related photographs — all of it being aspects of the life of the Port of London and the River Thames.
Men gathered around a beacon in thick smog (1920s)
From the State Library of New South Wales, there are new Sam Hood photographs from places to eat and drink, of more Art Deco architecture and design, and of shops on all scales. There’s also plenty of beach life — a tease to us northerners whose winter is beginning!
Hotel Wellington bar, c. 1930s, by Sam Hood
The National Library of New Zealand’s recent uploads have celebrated Auckland at night in photographs by William Archer Price, have taken us to Antarctica with Herbert George Ponting , and have looked at the architecture of Wellington.
Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912
From the New York Public Library comes a generous celebration of baseball in New York and Philadelphia, a collection of colorful Hallowe’en postcards, and a set of historical images of people playing musical instruments .
[Banjo players.]
The State Library of Queensland marked the Australian-born Movember with a remarkable set of Moustaches — and marked the month as well with a set of often deeply moving photographs from the First World War, one of which marked Armistice Day on this blog.
W. Elliot (undated)
The Australian War Memorial marked Armistice Day with a welcome home kiss of many years ago.
A welcome home kiss, 1919
And Nationaal Archief is, as so often, entertaining as well as historically interesting, with an upload of autumn and winter fashion, just in time for the season (some years ago!). Aviation buffs will enjoy the set of “90 Years of Civil Aviation“.
Dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar showing one of his designs

A Happy Commonsversary to the National Library of New Zealand

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A happy first year in the Commons to the National Library of New Zealand, who joined The Commons on Flickr on November 27, 2008. Since then, we’ve learned just how active in new ways of reaching out to users through technology the NLNZ is, with exciting projects like DigitalNZ. And check the magnifier on their front-page announcement about their December move – we users like some fun as well as a chance to contributte!

But here at Indicommons, our heart is with the NLNZ on Flickr, and here are some of the ways …

Panoramas House and grounds of R H Edie, Edievale, Otago, between 1923-1928
House and grounds of R H Edie, Edievale, Otago, between 1923-1928
Stereographs! Photographer and assistant, with a camera, between 1902-1922
Photographer and assistant, with a camera, between 1902-1922
Celebration of the end of a war New Zealand soldiers and civilians in London at the end of World War I, 1918
New Zealand soldiers and civilians in London at the end of World War I, 1918
Views of Antarctica Grotto in an iceberg, photographed during the British Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1913, 5 Jan 1911
Photographer: Herbert Ponting

… and all the people and places of New Zealand.

Wairoa Geyser, Whakarewarewa, 1908
Wairoa Geyser, Whakarewarewa, 1908
Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday party, at Vailima, ca 1893
Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday party, at Vailima, ca 1893
Huge sunfish thrown up on beach at Awatuna, near Hokitika, ca 1910
Huge sunfish thrown up on beach at Awatuna, near Hokitika, ca 1910
Close-up view of a Port Chalmers wharf and ships loading, 1870s
Close-up view of a Port Chalmers wharf and ships loading, 1870s
Image selection by Penny

Glaciers on a Human Scale

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The Commons Galleries – featuring Brenda Anderson’s curation

I like the scale of these shots…

Glacier de la Maladetta
Bibliothèque de Toulouse
big rivers of ice, with little people.

Grotto in Suphellebrae, Sognefjord, Norway
Library of Congress
I also love the fact that most of the people seem to be dressed in their “Sunday best”,

Crossing a glacier, Kosciusko
Powerhouse Museum
almost like a stroll on a glacier is just like a stroll downtown…

Francis Joseph Glacier, 1906
National Library of New Zealand
only it’s colder and one must carry a stick.

Eliot Glacier, deep crevasses of snow and ice on Mount Hood
Oregon State University Archives

View the full gallery here to leave your comments!

Ship Garthsnaid, ca 1920s

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Ship Garthsnaid, ca 1920s

David De Maus
Ship Garthsnaid, ca 1920s
National Library of New Zealand: 1/2-014494-G

view + comment on Flickr

Recent Uploads to the Flickr Commons

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From Oregon State University Archives….

Have you ever wondered what your grandfather did for fun? While some undoubtedly whittled their lives away, others were out conquering the wilderness. If you’re from Oregon, ol’ grandpa might have even been part of the Mazamas.

Mazamas hiking trip to Mt. Rainier
The Mazamas
The Swedish National Heritage Board brings us tranquil scenes by Carl Curman. Trollhättan Falls, Sweden
Carl Curman – Sweden
Gee, we can’t wait to see the rest of these images from the State Library and Archives of Florida of Roy Erickson’s photography.

Here, Leonard Nimoy mindmelds with an audience. They’ve also got Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon!

Actor Leonard Nimoy chatting with women at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper Hotel: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Roy Erickson Collection:
Fort Lauderdale, the Famous and the Familiar,
Timber!!!! This rare home movie footage was shot in color by Charles L. ‘Buster’ Borklund, Jr. in Taylor and Dixie counties (Florida) during the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Filming Florida
More great stereographs from the National Library of New Zealand.

These are so much fun!

Obelisk monument, and group, at Green's Point, Akaroa, ca 1910
The State Library of Queensland, Australia, presents Mary Ryan for their Pic of the Week.
Picture of the Week

Carnival of the Commons

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Archival footage brought to you by the Walt Disney Imagineers. Hat tip to the Getty Museum for this great web find. I got sucked into watching the whole series just now of time-lapse photography of the building of Disneyland in Southern California, circa the 1950s.

Heard around the Commons:

Recent Uploads to the Flickr Commons

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The first trade treaty between the Netherlands and Japan was signed 400 years this August. The National Archief celebrates with a set of images from their archives of Japan. Straat vegen tijdens noodweer / Sweeping the street in heavy weather
The laughter continues as the State Library and Archives of Florida adds to its collection. Bobby Burns and Walter Stull: Motion picture scene
Vim Comedy Company: Jacksonville, Florida
Yay! New stereographs from the National Library of New Zealand! These are so much fun. Lydia Williams and dog Pogs, alongside her cottage at Carlyle Street, Napier, ca 1890
The State Library of Queensland, Australia, shows you the dangers of flooding with their latest batch. Group of men standing on the flooded railway bridge over the Burdekin River, 1917
Visit a timeless pick of the week by the State Library of Queensland, Australia. Passengers on the Jundah Mail Transport by Cobb & Co., Longreach, Queensland, ca. 1920
Picture of the Week
See architectural gems of Lisbon, from the Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisboa, Portugal
[set name goes here]
Pomp and circumstance galore in the 50 most recent uploads from the Library of Congress. Sultan of Turkey
News in the 1910s
Explore Sweden of yesteryear with new Carl Curman uploads from the Swedish National Heritage Board. Pålsundet, Stockholm, Sweden
Carl Curman – Sweden
Not quite in the Commons, but uploaded from a Commons institution, check out the Powerhouse Museum’s visitor labels exhibit. Visitor written label

Carnival of the Commons

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Your weekly recap of happenings around the Flickr Commons.

Map of 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition
View of Sacajawea statue
The Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition
Oregon State University Archives

Let’s start the week off with a challenge! The Oregon State University Archives just added a map to their 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition set on Flickr. Anyone feel game to create a mash-up similar to what we did with the Chicago Expo? Read more about the finding of this map at OSU Archives’ blog.

  • The Museum Computer Network 2009 conference is being held November 11-14 in Portland, OR. OSU Archives will present its case study of the Flickr Commons!
  • Speaking of Portland, anyone know anything about some of the rose gardens there? OSU wants your help!
  • Some clarifications on our experience with ‘free’ content – Seb Chan at the Powerhouse Museum responds to a question about their experience with the Flickr Commons.
  • Be sure to catch his presentation schedule, too. Lots coming up.
  • The 2009 National Digital Forum conference will be held November 23-24 at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Courtney Johnson at the National Library of New Zealand has information on subsidies for small organizations.
  • Stacking the Tech: The Library of Congress Talks Digital Initiatives with the folks at Library Journal.
  • Catch this write-up, by L’Archivista of the Building, Managing and Participating in Online Communities session at the Society of American Archivists 2009 conference.
  • The American Historical Association provides a Take Two of Snapshots of the Past: The Commons on Flickr, an overview of the institutions that have joined the Commons since their first article.
  • Picturing Rochester: Got photos of Rochester, New York? George Eastman House wants ‘em!
  • The Powerhouse Museum has labels! And they want your visitor labels for their Odditoreum!
  • The National Library of Wales has new podcasts up! Great stories of the library from folks that used to work there.
  • Astrobiology: Life in Space, a webcast from the Library of Congress of Daniel P. Glavin, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, who says the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our solar system is not limited to Mars.
  • You’ll like the preview of the D.C. Public Library’s new website!
  • Read about the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Peel Island lazaret, from the State Library of Queensland, Australia.
  • Not sure where to find the Smithsonian on the internet? Here’s a guide.
  • The SI and the Chandra X-ray makes news about research on the birth of stars.
  • Harewood House and some historic photographs of Yorkshire – a fun field trip with the National Media Museum!
  • ARRRRRRRR! The Field Museum wants you to dress like a pirate!
Breakfast of Champions

The Brooklyn Museum Crew

Twitter was all up in arms last weeks with #dukeriley. Here’s the Brooklyn Museum’s battleship. The New York Times and WNYC explain.

Carnival of the Commons – Extra Extra! Read all about it!

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Library of Congress
BagIt: Transferring Content for Digital Preservation

A bag functions like a physical envelope that is used to send content through the mail but with bags, a user sends content from one computer to another. This video describes the preparation and transfer of data over the network in bags.

Heard around the Commons:

  • Got a minute to vote for the Powerhouse Museum’s incredible Flickr Commons book? C’mon – click on over to Blurb.
  • Stereo-view detail: The Powerhouse Museum gives a little background on the topic.
  • All is not lost – using digital photography to recover daguerreotypes: a great preservation resource from the Powerhouse.
  • Michael Feinstein comes to George Eastman House in October – get yer tickets!
  • Oregon State University Archives explains their “trip to Mount Hood.”
  • Are you reading the National Library of New Zealand’s Source? Every Friday, a wrap-up of things of use to digital libraries..
  • Cataloging for Gold: Learn what college students have unearthed at the Library of Congress over the summer.
  • Art review: The Chimaera of Arezzo at the Getty Villa: An LA Times article about happenings at the Getty Museum.
  • Want to know where to stay up with the Smithsonian Institution online? can help.
  • Right now in the Luce Foundation Center (Smithsonian Institution) you can borrow a Flip Mino and shoot a video of your museum visit!
  • What price fame? by Marvin Heiferman, Smithsonian Photography Initiative, discusses Annie Leibovitz’s financial situation in a broader sense.
  • And, Down at the Drive-In, by Christin Boggs, Smithsonian Photography Initiative, is an awesome take on the intersection of media and transportation.
  • And the SI has some notes about the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting on their Chandra X-ray blog. Check out their 10th Anniversary post, too.
  • Did Michael Jackson model face after Egyptian bust? The Chicago Sun-Times unearths some spooky stuff at the Field Museum.
  • Fflur Dafydd wins £5,000 literary prize for book set at The National Library of Wales! yay!
  • Plan a trip to the National Media Museum!
  • Or, learn from them how to digitize motoring photographs!
  • The State Library of Queensland, Australia, weighs in on conserving gilded frames in the Richard Daintree Photographic Collection.

Friday Fun!

State Library and Archives of Florida
Torch of Friendship

… your welcome is assured…

History in the making, with a clip of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Weekend!