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Some reading material from Museums & the Web 2010

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Work with schools, city history clubs : history club meeting...

Lewis Wickes Hine
Work with schools, city history clubs : history club meeting… 1910s
New York Public Library: 434285

Here at Indicommons, we’ve been following the Museums and the Web 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado, via Twitter. Here’s a short round-up of papers of interest to The Commons being presented there this week.

Buckets and Vessels by Aaron Straup Cope:

With the mass of digital “stuff” growing around us every day and simple tools for self-organization evolving beyond individuals into communities of suggestions, is the curatorial prerogative itself becoming a social object?

This paper examines the act of association, the art of framing and the participatory nature of robots in creating artifacts and story-telling in projects like Flickr Galleries, the API-based Suggestify project (which provides the ability to suggest locations for other people’s photos) and the increasing number of bespoke (and often paper-based) curatorial productions.

Aaron also led a workshop called Machine Tags: Theory, Working Code and Gotchas (and Robots!)

Common Ground: A Community-Curated Meetup Case Study by Paula Bray and Ryan Donahue:

Why do institutions and on-line communities want to participate in face-to-face meetups such as Common Ground: a community curated meetup? Does this type of experience provide a deeper engagement with audiences and give institutions an opportunity to learn from these experiences? What are we finding in the process?

Can Structured Metadata Play Nice with Tagging Systems? Parsing New Meanings from Classification-Based Descriptions on Flickr by Joseph B. Dalton:

This paper discusses the rationale behind NYPL’s decision to combine existing metadata – in the form of subject headings – with user-generated tags, and demonstrates some of the challenges, benefits and drawbacks for institutions that may be interested in using similar approaches for their own collections.

Flickr as Platform: Astronomy Photographer of the Year by Fiona Romeo and Natasha Waterson:

Variously described as “wonders of the cosmos” (Daily Mail, 2009l) and “the best space porn of the year” (Davis, 2009), Astronomy Photographer of the Year is an annual competition and exhibition organised by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

This paper will outline how we used the Flickr platform to reach new visitors, build a community of practice, develop an innovative standard for identifying and locating astronomy photographs (’astrotagging’), shortlist and judge competition entries, develop an on-gallery interactive showcasing all contributed photographs, and repurpose user-generated content for exhibition labels.

According to Flickr’s developers, “the integration is so seamless… you might as well consider Flickr to be their ‘backend’ serve.” (Kandalgaonkar, 2009).

Museum Commons. Tragedy or Enlightened Self-Interest? This last paper of interest has no true connection with The Commons on Flickr, however it raises and answers a fundamental question regarding the concept of a museum commons.

There has been an exciting surge of interest in the museum sector in expanding access to museum data through the classic idea of creating a commons. A Web-based multi-institutional museum commons could open up public access to collections, deepening contextual knowledge of objects and helping museum professionals recognize the unseen value of their own collections. For example, collections items that seem orphaned or fragmentary in one institution may enjoy a rich life on-line, once reunited with relevant collections and data from other institutions in an on-line commons environment. Commons-oriented intellectual property policies should also enable content sharing for educational and other non-commercial uses, or they may be used to facilitate new innovations or for-profit businesses beyond the scope of traditional rights-and-reproductions activities.

You might also enjoy scrolling back through the social media advice (@edmj/museum-socialmedia-advice) from MW2010’s unconference tweets!

There are plenty more papers to read; we’d love to hear what words of wisdom you found in them!

Recent Uploads to the Commons

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The National Maritime Museum’s recent uploads take a mammalian turn: is there a kitten on this ship? The ship’s cats, HMS ‘Hawkins’
The Library of Congress’s Sneak Preview! set provides a jumping-off spot to several different aspects of the LOC’s redesigned Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, at its new address:
For president, Abram Lincoln. For vice president, Hannibal Hamlin
The National Library of Wales’s additions to the Geoff Charles collection include fairs, carnivals, and Eistedfodds. (Can anyone identify this tuba player?)
National Eisteddfod of Wales 1956, Aberdare
The recent explorations of the Swedish National Heritage Board take us as far as Italy and Estonia.
Ruhnu Old Church St. Magdalene, island of Ruhnu, Estonia
The Brooklyn Museum adds to its photographs of Italian Cathedrals.
Altamura, Italy
The Bibliothèque de Toulouse focuses again on Cornusson – on what was “antique” already in 1908.
Cabane antique, Cornusson, septembre 1908
From the Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, beautiful lines of Lisbon’s architecture.
Praça Francisco Sá Carneiro, Lisboa, Portugal
The Smithsonian’s Women in Science month comes to an end, leaving a rich collection of images in the Commons.
Gene Tunney (1897-1978) and science fair participants, September 24, 1940

Recent Uploads to the Commons

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Nationaal Archief, for International Women’s Day, released a housekeeping set – photos joyful and serious of women’s and men’s everyday routine.
Wasgoed wordt gemangeld / Laundry is being passed through the mangle
The DC Public Library has released a large group of photos by E.B. Thomson, including much in color.
In the White House
The Library of Congress’s Friday Bain Collection uploads includes athletes, men of business and politics, royalty, celebrities, battle sites … and a mine disaster in Cardiff, Wales.
Cardiff mine disaster
The National Maritime Museum has new photographs from the Portlands. London Lighterman
London Lighterman


Wales across the Commons

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March 1st is observed as St. David’s Day, a national holiday in Wales. To mark the occasion, some images of the Welsh from across the Commons …

A photochrom image of two knitting and spinning Welshwomen, 1890s, in traditional costumes Welsh women knitting and spinning
[Library of Congress]
Mr. Roberts, a Welsh harpist, c. 1875 man seated at a harp
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru/National Library of Wales
A family of Welsh immigrants to Patagonia, Argentina, 1924; this photo was taken as part of the Captain Marshall Field Expedition for Vertebrate Paleontology (1922-1925) family seated in front of a house
Field Museum Library
Fisherman’s family outside cottage, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, c.1890 (be sure to see the then-and-now posted in the comments on this one) alley and cottage
National Maritime Museum
Welsh artist Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) artist Frank Brangwyn
Smithsonian Institution

Recent Uploads to the Commons

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As well as the Ansel Adams set belonging to new Commons member the U.S. National Archives, this week’s highlights include:

The Swedish National Heritage Board has uploaded more of Carl Curman’s honeymoon photos, including another unidentified site in Spain.
Unidentified town, Spain
The Field Museum brings us new (to the Commons) photographs from British Guiana in the 1920s.
Two women with buckets seated at waterside
It’s fishing season at State Library and Archives of Florida – for big fish. Mr. John Hachmeister and Mrs. Earl Baum admiring a 1,200 lb manta ray caught by Forrest Walker
The Library of Congress’s Friday upload this week is a set of illustrated newspaper covers of 1910 – one hundred years ago.
How much can Gotham afford to give thirsty neighbors?
It’s winter in the Netherlands – time for winter sports at Nationaal Archief! Bobsleeën, skeleton / Bobsleigh, skeleton
LIGC ~ NLW brings us portraits and people outdoors from Wales, including a dog that’s far too happy for the shutter speed of the camera.
Girl with a dog, Llansanffraid [Glynceiriog?]
The National Maritime Museum has added videos to the Commons for the first time from its film archive, from almost the whole of the 20th century.
Before the Mast (date unknown)
The State Library of Queensland, Australia has a set of colourful postcards of Queensland.
Band Rotunda in Queen’s Park, Maryborough, ca. 1930

Recent Uploads to the Commons

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The Smithsonian Institution has uploaded 58 prints — the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s entire collection — by Washington DC painter Gene Davis (1920-85)
Untitled, n.d.
You might not thing “sports” when you think “London School of Economics”, but these new LSE Library archival uploads will change that.
LSE Sports Day, Malden Sports Ground, c1920s
More in the LIGC ~ NLW collection of early photographs in their cases and frames
Man in bowler hat photographed in front of a carriage
The Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian celebrates cycling in Portugal
Prova de Ciclismo, Portugal
The National Maritime Museum is very maritime indeed, with a series of Alan Villiers’ photographs of the Parma and its crew
One of the crew using a sailmaker’s palm
The State Library of Queensland, Australia is wrapping for Christmas!
Red Cross workers packing Christmas presents for the Fighting Forces during World War II,


The Swedish National Heritage Board continues to add to its sets of churches and antiquities
Viken Church, Skåne, Sweden
The Library of Congress’s December 11 Bain Collection uploads include New York City schoolchildren, athletes, and the funeral of Timothy D. Sullivan
Sullivan funeral – Bowery
Even as the Shuttle program winds down, the State Library and Archives of Florida celebrates Florida’s aviation history
Miami-Dade Junior College student pilot training in a DC-3 at the school of aviation
And please do join the Galt Museum & Archives at a tea!
Southminster United Church Men’s Club Tea

Recent Uploads to the Commons – Autumn 2009, round 2

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New this autumn (spring in the south of the world) from the National Maritime Museum: Many images of individual ships, and some as well of Naval College staff and of buildings in the area of London ports, with a scattering of other related photographs — all of it being aspects of the life of the Port of London and the River Thames.
Men gathered around a beacon in thick smog (1920s)
From the State Library of New South Wales, there are new Sam Hood photographs from places to eat and drink, of more Art Deco architecture and design, and of shops on all scales. There’s also plenty of beach life — a tease to us northerners whose winter is beginning!
Hotel Wellington bar, c. 1930s, by Sam Hood
The National Library of New Zealand’s recent uploads have celebrated Auckland at night in photographs by William Archer Price, have taken us to Antarctica with Herbert George Ponting , and have looked at the architecture of Wellington.
Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912
From the New York Public Library comes a generous celebration of baseball in New York and Philadelphia, a collection of colorful Hallowe’en postcards, and a set of historical images of people playing musical instruments .
[Banjo players.]
The State Library of Queensland marked the Australian-born Movember with a remarkable set of Moustaches — and marked the month as well with a set of often deeply moving photographs from the First World War, one of which marked Armistice Day on this blog.
W. Elliot (undated)
The Australian War Memorial marked Armistice Day with a welcome home kiss of many years ago.
A welcome home kiss, 1919
And Nationaal Archief is, as so often, entertaining as well as historically interesting, with an upload of autumn and winter fashion, just in time for the season (some years ago!). Aviation buffs will enjoy the set of “90 Years of Civil Aviation“.
Dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar showing one of his designs

Recent Uploads to the Flickr Commons

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What’s new in The Commons? Fish, jazz, bridges, caves, ships, stereopgraphs and (yay!) photochroms!

The Swedish National Heritage Board brings us a brand new set! These are remarkable photographs of ancient monuments, including rune stones from the 11th century AD and Neolithic dolmens and passage graves from about 3500 BC. Cave of Stora Förvar with Stone Age settlement, Stora Karlsö, Gotland, Sweden
Ancient monuments
See the Titanic sail away on its maiden voyage from Southampton, courtesy of the National Maritime Museum SS 'Titanic' leaving Southampton
PortCities London
Wow, the State Library and Archives of Florida goes all out with their celebrity images. Here’s Duke Ellington playing a local Ft.Lauderdal, FL. school. Jazz composer and bandleader Duke Ellington performing with his orchestra at the Pine Crest School: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Roy Erickson Collection:
Fort Lauderdale, the Famous and the Familiar,
The Oregon State University Archives presents early 20th century industry in Oregon. See a whole lotta fish, too. Tug boat in dry dock
Oregon Industries, circa 1905-1910
Yes! 108 new photochroms from the Library of Congress. This time, we travel to Begium to view beachside and pastoral scenes. Milksellers, Brussels, Belgium
Photochrom Travel Views
View the wonderful Eugène Trutat’s images of Tarn, France, in the 1890s, from the Bibliothèque de Toulouse. Pont suspendu et église Saint-Michel, Gaillac, avril 1897

Recent Uploads: Take a Trip!

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Your weekly update of newly uploaded images to the Flickr Commons is here, inviting you to take a trip on some legendary trains and ships of yore… but beware of hazards!

Oregon State University Archives reveals a magnificent set of Western U.S. travel lantern slides, depicting missions, universities, and scenic views found along two well-known rail routes in Arizona, California, and Oregon. Be sure to read all the links they provide as this is a really informative set. Palace of Fine Arts-San Francisco, California
Shasta and Sunset Routes
Delightful ships abound in the National Maritime Museum’s photostream! See London, destroyers, barques, and great figureheads. The foredeck of the ‘Carisbrook Castle’ (1898)
Port Cities London
Perhaps you fancy a flight on a hot air balloon? Enjoy stereoscopic travel images, from the National Library of New Zealand. Stereoscopic photograph of a hot air balloon at the Domain, Auckland, 191-?
Nature is a formidable opponent, though, so beware of flooding. Images from the State Library of Queensland, Australia. Burdekin River in flood, 1875
Keep your hands and arms inside the boat, kids! The State Archives and Library of Florida show off their photos of when disaster struck. Various disabled ships, aground after the hurricane of 1899: Dog Island, Florida
Hurricanes in Florida
Escape back to civilization with the State Library of New South Wales to enjoy new uploads from Sam Hood. Her Majesty's Theatre re-opened after the fire, Sydney, 1903; with Governor Sir Henry Rawson in the top left box / A.J. Perier
Discover Collections – Theatre in Sydney
Then it’s on to Lisbon, Portugal with the Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian to see photographs from the Estúdio Horácio Novais. Rossio, Lisboa, Portugal
Lisboa: perspectivas gerais e parciais
Don’t miss their exquisite images of Portuguese tiles found in Luanda, Angola. Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, Luanda, Angola
We’ll wrap up this week with 50 more Bain News Service images from the Library of Congress. You know there are plenty of mustaches there waiting to be tagged. Parade of Turners at opening Berlin stadium (LOC)
News in the 1910s

Canada across the Commons

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From sea to sea to sea …

From Newfoundland, where cod once dried on the shore … Drying fish, Burgeo, NL, 1908
Musée McCord Museum
to the Cape Breton Highlands in Nova Scotia. Lake Ainslie, Cape Breton, NS, about 1914
Musée McCord Museum
From the beaches of Prince Edward Island … Rustico Beach, PE, 1916 (?)
Musée McCord Museum
… to the busy harbour of Saint John, New Brunswick. Ship at foot of King Street, St. John, NB, 1915 (?)
Musée McCord Museum
From the old streets of Quebec City … Champlain Street, Quebec
Library of Congress
… to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. Parliament buildings, Ottawa
Library of Congress
From the beginning of the Prairies in Manitoba … Flour mill and elevator, Portage La Prairie, MB, 1884
Musée McCord Museum
… to life on the land in northern Saskatchewan. Aboriginal family near Prince Albert, SK, 1919
Musée McCord Museum
From the mountains of Alberta … Moraine Lake, Alberta
Library of Congress
… to what lies in them, in British Columbia … Charles Doolittle Walcott (1850-1927), Sidney Stevens Walcott (1892-1977), and Helen Breese Walcott (1894-1965)
Smithsonian Institution
… to the farthest Arctic seas. Fast to the floe under Cape Prescott, Franklin Pierce Bay
National Maritime Museum
Happy Canada Day, from Indicommons!